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The word home comes from the place where the fire was lit, around it the family gathered to warm and feed. Also home is used to designate the place where an individual or group of individuals inhabits, creating in them a sense of security and calm.

It is a basic and primary need for man, since he ceases to be nomadic, to have that space of his own, unique and personal, in which to feel sheltered, protected and happy.

The place where the home is located, or Rukawe in the Mapuche language, is different and has different shape according to the needs of its inhabitants. Finding a home is complicated and the road there is arduous, but at Rukawe Homes we have been helping our customers to walk it for over eleven years, so we want to accompany you on your way.

Whether you want to find your new home,or if you want us to find your new dweller, just tell us what your need is, we are experts in homes.

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